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Put Words To Work For You

Your customers want brochures and Web sites infused with in-depth product knowledge, not buzzword-laden fluff. They want technical documentation that gets right to the point, with clear instructions written from a user's perspective rather than a programmer's.

And they want to feel confident in the quality and care you put into your products and services.

Poorly written user manuals and marketing collateral create the impression that your business is as sloppy as your copy. But with the right words—words that work—you can exceed your customers' expectations.

An investment in good writing is an investment in your business. (Here's a secret: A good writer is less expensive than a bad writer when you consider the effect poor writing has on your business.)

I specialize in technical and corporate communications and have a breadth of experience within this realm. My portfolio includes training workbooks, quick reference guides, brochures, Web content, magazine features, installation manuals, TV segment scripts, and user guides. (Many of my corporate and technical samples are proprietary and therefore not posted in my public portfolio. If you don't see something you're looking for, !)

And let me know how I can put words to work for you.

Regina Lynn Preciado
Word Wrangler * Digital Nomad

Your Kind Of Writer

What kind of writer am I? The kind who writes what you—and your audience—need. The kind who doesn't throw temper tantrums, who finds artistic integrity in clear communication, and who wrangles words with finesse and skill.

The kind who can write almost anything for almost anyone:

* Technical writing & editing
* Journalism
* Web writing
* Content management
* Copywriting
* Ghostwriting
* Content & copy editing
* Community development


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Here's Digital Eve Los Angeles.

Warning: My book blog is not censored for family or clients. Read at your own risk.

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